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Tianjin Dingfeng Steel Structure Engineering Company specilizes in design, manufacturing and installation of steel structure with the qualification of 2nd Class Construction Contracting.


The system which combines vertical groud-coupled piping and modular GSHP units is designed and installed by FutureVision with a feature of Canadian Lubi® solar wall system for heating. FutureVision utilizes the heating and ventilation system of leading solar technology in the Dingfeng’s plant with an area of 8,000 m2. 


The COP of Lubi® solar wall is the highest in current solar applications. The principle is plenty of exterior air continuously passes through panels and is converted to warm air of which the temperature is often 20-45℃higher than ambient temperature into building or processing facilities for ensuring panels not get too warm and minimum heat loss while warm airflow only in one direction. The applications are fresh air pre-heating, improvement of AC operation in winter and industrial dry. Average packback period is 3-5 years.