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? FutureVision (Tianjin) Energy Systems Co., Ltd. was established in November 2004

? FESCOL overall designed and installed geothermal heat pumps systems for Tianjin Highway Constructions in March 2005 (completed projects include toll stations and service zones of Beijing-Shanxi, Tianjin-Jixian, Beijing-Shanghai, Tianjin-Tangshan and Tianjin-Shantou until 2016)

? FESCOL established a joint venture FutureVision (Tianjin) Geothermal HVAC Equipments Co., Ltd. with NHP in December 2005

? The heat pump production base of China established in 2006 and sold back to Northern America at the end of the year.

? Won the GSHP contracts of supermarket project of the Metro AG (China) Investment, Co., Ltd. in 2007 (completed projects includes Metro supermarkets in Shenzhen, Wuxi, Ningbo and Hefei until 2016)

? Awarded a contract of geothermal heat pump system for the CBA China Tianjin training base in 2008. 

? Won a GSHP and solar thermal contract for the Tianjin Ziya Recycling Industrial Park central heating system in 2009

? Awarded a contract from the Shanghai World Expo in 2010  

? Coorperated with the Canada EnerConcept, introduced to the ‘Solar Wall’ which were utilized in Tianjin plant in 2011. 

? Successfully designed and constructed the first ‘Active House’ in China - building automation and HVAC systems in Velux China Office  during 2012 and 2013 (annual consumption of 32KWH/m2)  

? FutureVision (Tianjin) Geothermal HVAC Equipments Co., Ltd. was renamed EnerTech (Tianjin) System Solution Co., Ltd. which specilizes in ‘interdisciplinary’ new energy building system consultancy and project implementation.

? Awarded GSHP contract for the bicycle game stadium and shooting game of the East Asia Games in 2012.

? R&D of  ‘Flexible’ water-air heat pump unit with multidirection air supply which meets international standard and was exported to Northern America in 2013.

? R&D of ‘Solar Tile’ which was then applied for a patent. Application to hybrid energy building energy efficiency system in the Jixian Jidong 1 Hotel in 2014.

? Promoted widely applications of BIPV and BIS to building energy efficiency. Won BIPV and GSHP contracts of  the Tianjin Binhai Construction Group, the Binhai General Hospital and the Tianjin First Nursing Home. The first BIPV project in Tianjin - transparent PV in the Binhai First Nursing Home has been completed.

? Based on the utilization of TABS, initiated modularization development of prefabricated building in 2015.

? Awarded engineering contract for the UFH system in the Danish Danfoss Anshan office building in 2016.

? R&D precast building energy efficiency system with Tianjin Modular Steel  Frame Association & Tianjin University from 2017 to date.   

Production of Modular HVAC units for Modular building projects of Tianjin   Construction Group of the Companies from 2017 to date.