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Tianjin Ziya Environmental Protection Industrial Park alias Tianjin Ziya Industrial Park is a zone of  importing electronical waste for dismantling, processing and recycling. 

Located in the southwest of Jinghai in Tianjin, the Park which is 60 km from Tianjin downtown, 150 km from Beijing downtown, 60 km from the Tianjin Binhai Airport and 90 km from the Tianjin Harbor, adjoins Dacheng County and Wenan County in Hebei Province. With geograph-ical and location advantages and the developed area of 2.5 km2, the park's basic foundation has reached the standard of “Nine completions and one leveled” (i.e. city road, rain water drain-age, sewage disposal , tap-water, natural gas, electric power, telecommunication, heating and ca-ble TV completed, landforms leveled).

Located in Jinghai of Tianjin, the project is design and installation of GSHP system which com-bined vertical piping and modular GSHP units in an office building with construction area of 36000 m2 in Ziya Industrial Park.  It is believed that a successful GSHP operation will have a demonstration function for green technology using and development.