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Prefabricated Energy Modules
New energy is also called unconventional energy. It refers to the various forms of energy outside the traditional energy. It refers to energy that has just begun to develop, or is actively researching and promoting, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and nuclear fusion energy.

The new energy integration system combines heat pump, solar energy and gas heating water heater to form a clean multi-energy complementarity system, so as to achieve a high efficiency and low energy consumption state of complementary energy.

The traditional new energy heating technology can not heat up rapidly and can not continue to provide heat. In terms of solar heating, the solar system will be affected to some extent when it is cloudy. The solar energy + condensing gas water heater system will use the existing basic water temperature to achieve rapid heating up, so as to achieve the effect of low energy consumption and high heat energy.

FutureVision developed unique modular integrated energy system which can be easily installed in different applications with diverse 1st. energy source.  Patent pending factory built rooftop and ground modules can work easily with modular prefabricated buildings.