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A geothermal heat pump (GSHP or called ground source heat pump including groundwater, soil or surface water) is a central heating and/or cooling system that transfers heat to or from the ground.

★ GSHP is utilizing renewable energy, as subsurface is a enormous solar collector and absorbing 47% solar energy which is over 500 times the amount of human’s energy utilization. 
★ Economic, efficient  and energy saving technology
★ Remarkable environmental benefits
★ GSHP serves several purposes including heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

Cost analysis:

GSHP saves over two-thirds electrical energy than electric boiler does and saves more than half energy than fuel boiler does, comparing to boilers (electricity and fuel).

Heat source temperature of GSHP maintains a nearly constant temperature between 10 and 25 °C. The system reaches fairly high coefficient of performance (CoP), 3.5 to 4.4 and the operational cost is 50-60% of the one of conventional HVAC. 


Application range:

Geothermal/groundwater heat pump HVAC are widely used in hotel, office building, shopping mall, apartment, stadium, barrack, airport, dwelling house, school, hospital and plant etc. It is currently one of the most economic and efficient energy-saving HVAC systems and applicable for cold/hot regions with different climates. 



Water is used as carrier utilizing a nearly constant temperature beneath of Earth's surface in Geothermal/groundwater heat pump system. GSHP is a environmental friendly, energy-saving and Zero discharging system with all-year utilization. Generally users can obtain over 4kw of heat or cooling capacity while the energy consumption of GSHP is 1kw. The main features are:

1.Wide application in winter and summer. Conventional cooling for summer and heat pump heating for winter.
2.Long working life
3.Closed loop heat exchanger


 • Vertical closed loop



• Horizontal closed loop  



• Pond closed loop

                              loop outdoor heat exchanger
 open loop groundwater system
•  open loop surface water system

5.Hybrid geothermal HVAC system

•  At present the hybrid system is used in high-rise or super buildings and popular in western
cities. Heat source for heating load of building is extracted from soil, groundwater or surface water
via heat exchanger in winter, and other heat sources can compensate for the insufficiency of cooling
load in summer e.g. cooling tower, ice-storage or other available heat source.
6.Sewage source heat pump