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Solar heat pump flow control center and Hydraulic module


Composition principle and Applications of GS Flow Control Center

●  The Flow Control Center is widely used for circulation of chilled water, cooling water and domestic hot water in air-source heat pump, geothermal heat pump and air cooled chiller module. It is comprised of packages of pumps and valves, automatic water replenishing, accessories of safety, bypass, cleaning and drainage, control elements and pipeline. 

●  The center selectivity controls operating frequency of water pump and automatic switch to single/dual pump based on terminal requirements. Security functions of engine-room system such as protection of power,phase-sequence, thermal, high/low temperature, high/low pressure and water-lack are also available.

●  Modular design of the center transforms from complex engine room to prefabricated industrial products through strict supervision. The center is the optimum economic choice of water distribution system in commercial and domestic buildings,  as it saves installation time and material cost, enhance construction quality with features of flexibility, easy maintenance and professional service.  


GS-C Commercial Flow Control Center

●  Hydraulic system integration effectively saves space    

The Commercial Flow Control Center integrates facilities of conventional engine room such as water pump, valves,  safety components, auto/bypass water replenishing, cleaning and drainage, control. The center effectively saves space of engine room or even abrogates engine room, as it assembles complex engine room and control system into single unit. 

●  Quick installation and cost saving

The flow control center enables one unit to function as engine room and saves significant amount of installation time and costs of labour and materials.

●   Easy operation and maintenance  

The center integrates various components and facilities of engine room into a closed unit according to manufacture’s standard. Therefore it greatly reduces the possibility of damage to facilities caused by human factor. Meanwhile it saves costs of maintenance and overhaul and ensures smooth operation.     

●  Professional design with quality assurance   

The core part of center is well-designed and reliable through strict shakedown test.

●   Smart and energy-saving control

The center adopts Joint control communication between the unit and terminals. Other features include smart control auto switch-over between season and usage and real-time monitoring of running process by which enhance stability and controllability. Moreover specialized after-sale service removes the customers worries.


GS-D Residential Small-sized Flow Control Center



The Small-sized center is designed for water system in solar, domestic water, heating/cooling
HVAC. It is equipped super-silent water pump and smart control with design concept of concision
and integration which integrates pumps, valves and control components. 
The center which is an energy-saving product with high performance and  reliability can be used
in houses and small-scaled office buildings independently or in parallel.