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          The China first super energy efficient building

                                                                               —Active House

          Velux Office Building in Lang Fang, a super-low energy consumption building,           only 33KWH/m2 per year. 


China Institue of Building Research audited building’s exterior wall, roof, doors and windows, air tightness, indoor thermal environment and AC ventilation system, heat/cold sources and stor-age system, and solar thermal performance tests - Annual energy consumption calculated to 33KWH/m2 

Building Type: Commercial Office Building 
Area: 2080 m2
? TERAO (France) Ltd., Co. conducted energy design, modeling and testing.
? FESCOL (Canada) Ltd., Co. completed the construction by installing BSM, energy control systems, TABS heat/cold storage, GSHP and Solar Energy Heating solutions and conducted energy system commissioning.

Heating/cooling sources - GSHP
TABS heat/cold storage - Concrete building body storage
Release system - Based on indoor/outdoor air quality to determine the sequence of window and door opening system; two-way air convection.
Solar windows - Providing hot domestic water and electricity generating (PV)
Illumination - CIE approved natural lighting
Isolation/heat preservation - 25 cm Rockwool in exterior wall and roof