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Q1: What is “Hydroperoxides Ionization”?

A: “Hydroperoxides Ionization” which is a technology of “Active Pure” uses super oxide ions -negatively charged ions and hydroperoxides to remove contaminants.


Q2: Why is the technology effective to remove formaldehyde?

A: Formaldehyde is one of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Hydroperoxides ion can effec-tively break organic interaction for purification.


Q3: Can FreshAir Cube remove other harmful gases e.g. gas apart from formaldehyde?

A: Hydroperoxides Ionization was used after September 11th to help clean and purify the air in-side the Pentagon.


Q4: Can it prevent us from virus in winter?

A: Hydrogen peroxide can effectively destroy cell tissue and DNA of virus. Thus it destroys most virus of flu, hepatitis and Ebola.


Q5: Is the technology a relief from allergy such as pollen?

A: Yes it is. Because negatively charged hydroperoxides ion neutralizes any positively charged suspended particles.


Q6: Is there any consumable material? 


A: No, FreshAir Cube is maintenance-free and easy-handling.