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1. Q: What is the difference between solar tile and conventional solar energy technology? 
     A: Patent liquid solar absorption module at the back of collector of Sigma Solar Tile transfers collected solar to heating system or hot water tank through solar acquisition system. It is a perfect combination of solar power and architectural aesthetics.   
2. Q: How does solar tile work on rainy days or at night? 
   A: The solar tile which is a replacement of concrete roof tile consists of heat collector and main unit. When intensity of radiation does not meet the energy requirement, multi-energy system will be automatically switched on  as energy supplement by control system in the main unit. Solar tile’s smart control system ensures all-weather  enviroment comfort. 
3. Q: Can solar tile store energy?
   A: Yes. Solar tile configuring phase change energy storage can store solar power reaching optimal state and improving energy efficiency.  
4. Q: What is multi-energy system in the main unit?
    A: The multi-energy system includes gas, air energy, geothermal energy and water-source energy. All energy supplement is made automatically.
5. Q:  Is  operating solar tile complicated?
     A: The operation is very simple. Users only need to set required ambient temperature and water temperature once. Then main unit will do the rest of the job with all-year sound operation.  
6. Q: Are there other auxiliary facilities apart from main unit and roof heat collector?
    A: No. Because it is a most highly integrated product in the industry until now. We certainly suggest clients  in some regions installing additional ‘water treatment device’ for ensuring water quality.
7. Q: Is solar tile robust enough?
 A: All solar tile are manufactured following European standard and the strength is higher than common tile.
8. Q:How long is the service life of solar tile?
  A: In theory, the service life of solar tile is same as the one of the building. However we suggest client who has used solar tiles for more than 20 years regularly inspecting heat collector for aging issue.
9. Q: How to maintain solar tile?
     A: There is no need of maintenance. However we suggest clients inspecting heat exchange liquid for volatilization every two years.

10. Q: Can other unit be a substitute for the main unit of solar tile?
    A: Yes in theory.  Yet there is no subsititution for the high integrated main unit of solar tile until now.  The client could contact our technical department for  any special request.
11. Q: What is the comprehensive solar utilization rate of  solar tile?
      A: The rate can achieves to above 80% . However we choose heat collector with a size of 50% by considering factors of energy efficiency and payback period.
12. Q: What can solar tile do?
    A: The solor tile can (1) be a replacement for building tile; (2) provide heating and domestic hot water; (3) provide cooling.
13. Q:Is the installation simple?
       A: Very simple. Only two devices need to be connected i.e. main unit + heat collector
14. Q: Which types of buildings are suitable for solar tile?
        A: Solar tile applies to any type, but the optimum is buildings with  slope roof.
15. Q: Is there any specific requirement regarding building structure?
         A: No, because solar tile only substitutes for structure of building tile.
16. Q: Can solar tile replace for ‘central heating’ in the north regions?
        A: It can. The design inspiration of solar tile is both a replacement for conventional energy system because of improved efficiency and to function same as other renewable energy utilization such as geothermal heat pump, air-source heat pump and gas. It is simple to install and use with stable operation.
17. Q: Does solar tile have added value in South-east regions with hot climates?
      A: Solar tile effectively applies to buildings in the South-east, because it provides domestic hot water, pool heating and cooling with tangible solar utilization while retaining  architectural aesthetics.
18. Q: What kind of power consumption can solar tile generation supply?
       A: Appropriate design of solar tile can meet requirements for daily life lighting and operation of solar circulating system in a building. Moreover the generation can connect with the state grid in some regions.
19. Q: What is the most benefit from using solar tile?
      A: Property owner and developer - a most differentiating and BIS product with greater return on investment.
            Architect - optimizing renewable energy while retaining  architectural aesthetics.
           HVAC designer - Efficient and high-integrated solar system for heating and domestic hot water
           User - the system is operating with ultra-low power consumption, independent control, high stability and reliable service.