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Fondital is an integration of solar and boiler with condensation providing central heating and domestic hot water. The boilers are designed as a system combining solar heat collector enabling priority use to solar in sunny days and gas as supplement due to insufficient sunlight or requirement of enforced heating.

MADEIRA Condensing boiler uses double coil for providing domestic hot water and heating. Moreover it can manage water flow and electrical control system in heat collector for facilitating solar use.



●  Highly integrated and no need of individual accessory for simple installation

●  Connecting pipes are all copper pipe with small-bore for simple installation and tightness. 

●  Small sized and easy to be placed.

●  Adjusting solar use based on parameters and ensuring priority to solar use

●  There is no need of manned operation. Auto-adjusting output of solar and gas for smooth operation due to built-in microcomputer controller.

●  Supporting controll of zones of hign and low temperatures for energy efficiency.