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Solar Photovoltaic

FutureVision(FESCOL)Energy Systems Co. Ltd,. is a R&D, manufacturing, sales and service provider in the field of building-integrated and energy efficiency system in compliance with international profession standard. By now, we are one of the few solution providers of BIPV and BIS and specilizes in relevant technology of development, manufacturing and building. Our unique and leading transparent PV products are a replacement of glass curtain wall, glasses of door and window and canopy glass. 

It is known that solar generation as a type of renewable energy utilization confuses architect for the impact on architectural aesthetics.FESCOL’s transparent PV products are the perfect combination of solar power and architectural aesthetics. 

Bearing in mind that “Exceeding customers’ expectation”, FutureVision actively contributes to local community in economic, social and environmental aspects through dedicated engineering teams and cutting edge technologies.