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 In-situ concrete with rebar

The cast-in-place concrete slab floor structure is the most common type for TABS, can be used together with FutureVision FE-SDX TABS module, to provide heating and / or cooling from the floor or from the middle layer using the vault.


In order to ensure the performance of the heating / cooling system, the slab insulation layer is usually not required under the concrete slab, but it may need to meet the requirements of other structures. Therefore, specific projects need to be analyzed.


Futurevision TABS module is installed in between the upper and lower steel (steel). According to the type of construction, the pipe can be installed on the lower steel bar and can be suspended in the middle part of the steel bar to ensure that the pipe is in the neutral zone of the slab.


The use of fixed FutureVision unique patent technology, system can be installed on the internal arch within 15mm, in order to play a higher heating and cooling performance.


FutureVision conducted the China very first TABS system, and it has been highly appreciated by the 3rd. Party Energy Performance Analyser - The China Academy of Architecture.