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FESCOL’s photovoltaic is building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) including Transparent Solar PV wall, PV window and PV tile. They are a replacement of conventional building materials and also an application of solar energy. 


Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)


Components of FESOL’s solar PV

FESCOL’s solar PV components derive from CdTe film cell produced by world-leading manufacturer whose max. photoelectric transformation efficiency of commercial module achieves to 20.4%.


Advantage of CdTe cell


★ Optimal depth of band gap

Band gap depth of CdTe is generally 1.47eV. CdTe’s spectrum response is similar to solar spectrum.  

★ High absorption rate

CdTe’s absorption coefficient is over 104cm-1 in the visible region where 95% photons are absorbed in 1μm light absorption layer.

★ High Transformation Efficiency

Theoretical photoelectric transformation efficiency of CdTe cell is approximately 28% 

★ Stable performance

CdTe cell’s design service life is 20 years.

★ Simple structure

Large-scale production can be easily implemented due to low manufacturing cost.


Features of CdTe film cell

★  High generating capacity

CdTe cell components S1 and S2 with high transformation efficiency and excellent generating capacity bring you more benefits and returns in years of generation subsidy.  

CdTe cell generates power 8% more than crystalline silicon does.

(Quoted from PHOTO’s 2nd Thin Film Conference)

★ High photoelectric transformation efficiency

CdTe is compound semiconductor with high absorption coefficient which is 100 times higher than that of silicon. Our world-leading components are inspected by TUV Rheinland by which lower cost of investment and more generation benefit can be achieved.

★  Low temperature coefficient 

Temperature coefficient of our solar cell keeps around -0.21%/℃ Component temperature can reach to 50℃ in regions with better lighting and even to above 70℃ in summer.

★ High stability 

CdTe cell does not have intrinsic light decay effect and ensures 80% output power in 25 years.


★ Low hot spot effect

CdTe strip cell help reduce hot spot effect, enhances generation capability, ensures service life and safety. 

★ Low breakages  

Since the manufacturing process of CdTe components focuses on precise control of temperature, their breakages are quite low.  

★ Uniform color makes elegance 

The components are suitable for buildings with high aesthetic requirement due to uniform color, artistic appearance and unity.

BIPV Components

BIPV components include transparent, hollow and PV heat insulating components.

Transparent components




Adjustable transparency,Tailor-made dimensions, colours and design as required

Multicolour transmitting components



Multicolour transmitting components


PV Hollow laminating components


PV heat insulating components




Low thermal conductivity and high thermal storage 

Easy installation and low investment cost

Heat insulation is better than that of highest grade in the national standard. The components are perfectly combined with architecture. 

They are used as heat insulating roof in southern region and as insulating wall in northern region.


PV and Solar-thermal components




PVT integration forms heat shield for strengthening stack effect.

Sheltering direct radiation to reduce roof temperature and also provide domestic hot water.   

Easy installation with artistic appearance. PVT is cost effective and roof space saving.   

Special-shaped components 





* ST2 is applicable to BIPV walls and off-grid system due to small area components.   

* Provides roof glass, glass curtain wall and window with various ‘transmitting ratio’Based on clients’ requirement.

* FESCOL provides technical support, system design, components, installation and after-sale service for‘Building Integrated PV’BIPV.